James R. Moore


       James Moore was born in 1924.  He enlisted November 19, 1942 in Detroit Michigan.  Jim began as a Rifleman, then a BAR man, and then assistant squad leader in 1st Platoon 2nd Squad.  On April 10, 1945 near Hulsheid Germany, 1st Platoon 2nd Squad leader S/Sgt Kenneth Mize was wounded while attacking German 88's, 40mm, & 20mm strongholds.  S/Sgt Kenneth Mize died later of his wounds.  James Moore took command as Squad leader of 2nd Squad after S/Sgt Kenneth Mize was evacuated to safety.  For his efforts on that day during heavy fighting, Jim earned the U.S. Army Silver Star Medal for Valor under General Order (GO#35, 1945, 97DIV).

       After the war, Jim went to college to become a Civil Engineer (University of Akron), and was in management in the structural steel industry.  Jim enjoys photography and Peggy likes sewing.  They both do rock hunting and traveling.  Jim has lived in seven states.  Jim has traveled around the world on business trips. 

       From Erik:  Jim has become a great dear friend of mine.  I cannot state enough how much I appreciate his friendship.  His great service to support me with such valuable information has helped to create this wonderful website.  He has taken on the role as Company I historian, and has been graceous to pass this information on to me for this website.  Thank You my friend.  May God Bless you and your whole family!

James R. Moore
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