Crosby Bing Grindle


       Bing Grindle:  Born 1925 in Massachusetts; leader of popular dance band in high school; and after graduation drafted immediately into the army 1943 when 18 years old at Fort Devens.  From there was sent to Fort Hood in Texas and soon got into the Army Specialized Training Program (ASTP) at Iowa State College in Ames Iowa to study basic engineering. We lived in a girls'domitory...unfortunately the girls were not there.  When the ASTP was discontinued I ended up at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri and then into Company I. After all the infantry training including practice landings off the California coast I like all the others guys in our Company shipped to Europe instead of the Pacific and went to combat in the Ruhr Pocket in Germany.  I was promoted to Corporal, received the Combat Infantry Badge (and much later when a civilian the Bronze Star which is automatic for recipients of the CIB.  I did nothing heroic during combat even though those Bronze Stars say so on the back of them!)

        Back across the Atlantic, a recuperation leave, back across the United States and across the Pacific for occupation duty instead of fighting Japanese thanks to the atomic bombing of their country.  Interesting that we crossed both oceans both ways on troop ships.  Lee Randall and I played chess on one of those ships and I was responsible for going to the ship's cooler once a day and bringing a crate of cold oranges to all of my group. In Japan Captain Sonstelie got me an inside job as Recruiting Sergeant.  I became a professional hypocrite trying to convince other guys to reenlist when I couldn't wait to become discharged!

        That time in ASTP gave me a half year's college credit so when I enrolled in Harvard on the GI bill after my army discharge I was able to graduate with a degree in psychology in three and a half years instead of four. A Harvard degree opened lots of career doors for me through the years.

         For 20 years I was with the Mobil Oil Corporation five of it on a fascinating assignment in west Africa.  I eventually retired from Mobil at 45 as Executive Director of Management Education. At that time Mobil was number three in the Fortune list of 500 biggest companies. I went into business for myself designing and conducting management seminars in over 60 major cities for many different organizations. I had also been on the faculty of New York University and Virginia Tech. And writing magazine articles and so on is also part of my being a training and development professional.

        Now retired my wife and I live in Roanoke, Virginia.  We had met when we both lived in Manhattan and our son Crosby, Jr was born there. She and I spend much of our time doing volunteer type work  from our home with a beautiful view on our 20 acres. We have enjoyed being in charge of three of the Company reunions: Williamsburg, Roanoke, and Washington D.C.

        From Erik:  Bing has been very gracious to help make this website what it is today. I owe him a debt of gratitude.  I truly appreciate all his efforts to help me in my search for information.  He has become a dear friend who I respect and cherish every day.  Thank You my friend.  May God Bless you and your whole family!


Crosby "Bing" Grindle
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