2009 Reunion is being planned for Indianapolis, Indiana (Details to follow)

2008 Reunion was held in Buffalo, New York

2007 Reunion was held in Florida

2006 Reunion was held in Seattle, Washington.

2005 Reunion was held in Washington, D.C.

Mr. Harold Griffel [Co.”I”] at WWII Memorial May 14, 2005

We, who are present today, are fortunate to attend another reunion of Co. “I”, 386th Infantry, 97th Division. This is the 60th year since we were together in Europe. The time we spent together in the United States, Europe, and Japan will never be forgotten. We can still look back and remember the men we served with in training and in combat. Many of these men are no longer with us, but we still recall and remember them and the time we spent together.

Let us remember and pay tribute to the men killed overseas:

  • Clifford W. Aldrich
  • Joseph A. Celestino
  • Eugene A. Cornett
  • Stephen M. Crabtree
  • Rupert L. Davis
  • Edward Kolakowski
  • Kenneth W. Mize
  • Gennaro Pompilio
  • Andrew Suli Jr.
  • Archie M. Wold

And let us also remember our comrades and friends who are no longer here on earth with us, and our good friends who left us during this past year:

  • Gene and Jaye Olsen
  • Betty Boston
  • Jean Snyder
  • Dale C. Paul
  • Jim Tracey

To all the departed whom we now remember may peace and bliss be granted in life eternal.

Let us pray for good health for all the men and women who are here today and also for the men and women who did not join us this year.

In honor of our fallen comrades
“Do not mourn then for me
at my leaving;
From life’s care I shall find
sweet release.
I shall wait up in Heav’n
‘til we gather
To share in God’s grace
and in God’s peace”

Jean Snyder

Copyright 2005 Company I