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Jared Pennella 2019-10-23 03:53   Port Chester, USA Website
Hello all, I hope someone out there can help me. My Grandfather, Angelo R. Pennella, was a member of 3rd Platoon and I am working to try and piece together his service during the War. He passed away in 1996 when I was a young boy and it's been difficult to get much in the way of details as he didn't share much about his service with his family. If anyone has any information or can offer any sort of assistance / guidance I would greatly appreciate it - feel free to email me: Thanks in advance.
Paul Cook 2019-9-12 12:54   Alexandria, US Website
I stumbled in here while researching a paper exploring the history of the 86th and 97th Infantry Divisions (only two to see service in both Europe and the Pacific). My thanks for maintaining the site. My gratitude to the members of Item Company for their wartime contributions. Very Respectfully, Paul J. Cook COL, USA (RET)
Dean Duncan 2018-4-16 21:10   Spartanburg SC, USA Website
Hello, I am looking for info on Company father in law recently found out his Father served in this company. All we know is his headstone says WWII Company L 386th infantry. His name is Robert L Jenkins....he also went by a nickname “Pedro” a childhood nickname and was from Chesnee SC. He served from 1942-1945 and passed away in 1953.thanks for your help
Erik Lindquist 2017-5-6 00:27   Website
Hello Toru Watanabe. Can you email me directly at Thank you.
Toru Watanabe 2017-4-28 10:02   Tokyo, JAPAN Website
Dear, Mr. Paul Piccard I am 48years old Japanese male. My mother knows a man who had been in Japan a soldier named Paul Piccard as a veterans of WWⅡ I would realy like to know if he remenber the name TSUNEO MORISHIMA or ”Eiko” who was a little girl lived in Tokyo. She is my mother. Please let me know. Thank you. Son of EIKO , Toru Watanabe
Robert Rebhan 2015-2-15 13:32   Hohenberg, Bavaria,Germany Website
Hello. My Name is Robert Rebhan and I live in Hohenberg an der Eger,a small down on the Border from germany to cechoslovakia.Last year I found in a forest a pencil whit the name of the owner ( his name was Lloyd j Miller)engraved on the top.I find out,that the 387th reg. of the 97th inf.div was insert in this area at the end (last days of april´45) of the war.Have anyone Informations about this men? I need it for a show what I want to make.In this show,people can see things from the battles between german and american soldiers what i have found with my metalldetektor.It would be nice,when someone maybe can help me (is he still alive,a photo of him,contact with his family...) with the best wishes from germany,Robert Rebhan Infos send please to my adress: thank you!!
Megan 2014-12-22 15:34   Fort Wayne, USA Website
Hello, I am the granddaughter of Nelson Hoag, PFC 3rd platoon. I am trying to do research on his years in service. My grandfather did not speak much about his time in the service and I recently found some of his medals and patches. I am working on a shadow box and would appreciate any input, memories, stories or information regarding my grandfather. Thank you in advance. Megan
Kasey 2013-11-21 18:41   Indianapolis, US Website
Hi Erik, I noticed on your site you mentioned several L company contacts. Is there any way for me to get in touch with Harold Bartig or his family? My grandfather (SSGT Frank Peterson) was in L company with Bartig. He passed away less than a year ago and I would really like to get a hold of a book Bartig wrote but I can only find a copy of it in a library in PA. Didn't know if you could help me reach out to some of your L company contacts. Thanks! Kasey.
Peter Schouteten 2013-4-17 05:43   Maastricht, Netherlands Website
Hello Steve you can mail me at Greatings Peter
steve simpson 2013-3-3 13:49   ceadar bluff al, us Website
are u the one who found my grandfathers grave at henri chapelle calvin r valentine would like to talk to you
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