386th Infantry Regiment: Company I
Honoring WWII Veterans

Welcome to the WW2 Veterans of the 97th Infantry, 386th Regiment, Company “I” website. We wish to extend our welcome to you, and hope you find interest in the information presented.

My name is Erik J. Lindquist, and my uncle Dale C. Paul was a member of Company “I” during WW2. Initially my goal was to research online and document as much as I could find on Company “I” during the war. At that time my best hope was to possibly find someone that might remember his service with Company “I”. Since those first days I have been blessed to meet many Company “I” veterans and their gracious family members. At that point my thoughts turned to establishing this website as a place to honor these great and humble men, who in time of worldwide crisis served this great country with great honor.

My hope is that this sight will benefit other Company “I” family members in their search for answers to questions about loved ones that served in Company “I”. Maybe even to reunite a where-abouts-unknown Company “I” veteran back with the active group. It is also hoped that Company “I” veterans will continue to contribute memories, photos, etc. in order to preserve the first hand knowledge and history that this group experienced through the war years both in the states, and over-seas.

This website would not have been possible if not for the Gracious contributions of many individuals. First and foremost the Veterans themselves. A Very Sincere Thank You to my new Friends that have helped provide priceless information, and guidance. Also, an advanced Thank You to those who will be contributing in the future. Your efforts are greatly appreciated!

Company “I” Veterans:
Mr. James R. Moore
Mr. Paul J. Piccard
Mr. Crosby “Bing” Grindle
Mr. Harold Griffel
Mr. Philip F. Snyder
Mr. Leland A. Randall
Mr. Benjamin P. Van Eaton
Mr. Dale C. Paul

A Special Dedication to all the Company “I” veteran’s wives.

Company “I” Veteran Family Members:
Mr. Dennis Fishel - Son of Lawrence A. Fishel
Mr. Crosby Grindle Jr. - Son of Crosby “Bing” Grindle
Mr. Stephen G. Jones - Nephew of Stephen M. Crabtree

Non-Company “I” Contacts:
Mr. Harold “Bones” Bartig - Veteran 97th, 386th, Company “L”
Mr. H. Stanley Huff - Veteran 97th, 386th, Company “L”
Mr. Albert Vern Henderson - Veteran 97th, 386th, Company “L”
Mr. Norm Mathis - Veteran 97th, 322nd, Company “A”, Medics
Mr. George Zelanik - Veteran 97th, 386th, Company "H"
Mr. Robert Bouton - Veteran 97th, 386th, Company "H"
Mr. Walter Sobolewski - Veteran 97th, 386th, Company "H"
Mr. Bob Rowland - Veteran 97th, 386th, MP Platoon

And lastly, Special Thanks to Paul Stemper, who by hosting and maintaining this site, has made this a reality.

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